D R G 1 6 0 T C S A B S

PRICE: 175.760 TL

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D R G 1 6 0 T C S A B S






The fusion of Eastern and Western art refers to the integration of Eastern culture and art with the diversity of Western design elements.The DRG derives from the Italian Drago. It is based on the symbol of speed and strength. The dragon is the main design image. Combine art and function very closely with Italian fashion unique design element. The designer adopts the design concept of ART FUSHION, incorporating the design theory and smulation technology into the automobile, the projector headlights of the automobile, the honeycomb taillights and the integrated positioning lights and directional lights, and the adopting racing short exhaust pipe on the large displacement. The compact, integrated body, single sided swing arm and mono shock suspension provide perfectly presenting DRG’s top craftsmanship.

NEW TECHNOLOGY with high performance

New-Gen 158c.c. Liquid-Cooled Engine Z.R.S.G. - Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator A.L.E.H. - Anti-Lift Engine Hanger System ECO Friendly Start-Stop Systems The DRG is equipped with SYM's state of the art anti-lift engine hanger system (A.L.E.H.) and Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator (Z.R.S.G.). With balanced frame design, A.L.E.H. does not give discomfort of the rider when instant acceleration, and also increases the stability of the rider at high speed and the swirling maneuvers. The DRG is based on A.L.E.H. and compact structure. The body length and weight are reduced, fuel consumption and handling performance are improved, and the vehicle weight is only 135kg. Z.R.S.G. equipped with the idling stop system. After three seconds of idling, the engine automatically turns off. When the engine is turned on, the engine is driven by the brushless motor to start the engine. There is no delay and frustration at the start.




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